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Happy Holidays! I’m Dana Lorraine, writer of sexy words and dreamer of hunky men. Thanks Denysé for letting me invade your blog for the day to introduce myself to your readers.

So I wrote this little book—Dying to Love Her. It’s kind of naughty (shh, don’t tell my mom). It’s a paranormal erotic m/f/m ménage published by Ellora’s Cave. I really tried to be a good girl and pick just one hunky skyscraper of vampire flesh to write about but it was impossible so I gave my curvy heroine two.

Here’s the blurb:

When Melanie Woodson joins Empriva Fitness she expects to lose weight, not gain two sexy vampire personal trainers. With an exercise regimen that includes passionate horizontal workouts, fat-burning orgasms and lusty words of encouragement, she’s in serious danger of forgetting their relationship is based on a business agreement and not mutual attraction.

Alec Kosta and Rook Abernathy, best friends and owners of Empriva, have waited over a century for the right lifemate to come along. Now that they’ve found Melanie, with her endless curves and quick wit, they’re ready to give up countless lifetimes to spend just one with her.

But time isn’t on their side—they’ve tasted her blood and now mere days are all they have to convince her their love is real or risk losing their chance to be with her forever.

A Romantica® paranormal ménage erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Uh-huh—you read it right. My vamps suck and fuck the pounds away. No more dieting or unpleasant exercising. No more stuffing your butt and thighs into unforgiving work-out clothes. You’re ready to sign up for a lifetime membership…right?

When I’m not thinking of vampire personal trainer manwiches there are a few other pairs of men out there that set my imagination on fire. Thought I’d include a sampling of my fantasy ménages so you can get to know me a little better.

Yes—this is dangerously close to TMI but I like to share.

Post-Apocalyptic Manwich: Daryl Dixon and Shane Walsh from The Walking Dead. This is my favorite show on TV and I was always on bad boy Shane’s team. Between him and rednecktastic Daryl I’d find a way to cope with the end of the world.

Mutant Manwich: Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy from X-Men First Class playing the younger versions of Magneto and Professor X. Oh what the hell—the more the merrier—let’s throw in Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) into the mix. Psst…by the way my vamps are more like mutants and less like soulless creatures of the night.

Straight-For-Me Manwich: Matthew Bomer and Matthew Bomer. That’s right…one of him would be great but two would be better. I’d clone him. He’s puuuuurfect!

Bromance Manwich: Chris Pine and Tom Hardy from This Means War. I’ve seen this movie more times than I can count. Love it! Hardy’s pucker-perfect lips make me think of my hero Rook and Pine’s piercing eyes are just like Alec’s.

I could go on and on but then I’d probably just embarrass myself when I revealed my nerd manwich so I’ll stop right now. If you have the time, visit my website,, to watch my book trailer for Dying to Love Her!

Happy Reading!

About the Author:

Dana Lorraine never dreamed she’d grow up to be a writer. A voracious reader of romance, one day she decided to write one of her own. And now she never wants to stop. Paranormal, sci-fi or contemporary, ménage or one-on-one, don’t ask her to limit herself to just one type because she loves them all.

She makes killer meatballs, loves to reread her favorite romances and likes any drink served with an umbrella. A bookseller by day and mother of two wonderful daughters all the time, you’ll find Dana sweet-talking her husband into doing laundry and bringing home take-out so she has more time to write.

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