Friday, April 19, 2013

Readers and Thieves

Well, today it was my intention to announce a new title that I’ve started work on, and unveil a new cover and other upcoming work. Instead, I’m at a difficult crossroads, wondering if I should simply shutdown my sites and forget all this? See, for the fifth time in under two months, about half my catalogue has been discovered on a pirate site–although of course the members of this site call themselves a “library” and their members are simply “sharing” their books. Call it whatever you like to soothe your conscience, but it is THEFT and the users of these sites are pirates and thieves of the finest order.

I realize we are living in tough times, but you know, every single time you visit a site like these, and “borrow” a book, you rob an author of their earnings. How many of you would like your paycheques hacked up and distributed to thieves? Not many is my guess. A writer is a self-employed individual, what we do is WORK. It’s not amusement or a hobby for many of us. Most readers seem to think we’re all rolling in money and making fat royalties–when the truth is most of us at mid-level publishing couldn’t pay our internet bills with what we make, never mind our rent and food bills. Our books are sold cheap, in 90% of cases for under $5, many even less than that–so why the need to steal the little we make from the months and years of work we put into the stories you supposedly love to read?

You can justify your actions any way you like, the truth is, you’re a thief, and thieves are the lowest of the low. Maybe next time you visit your favourite pirate site you’ll find the book you want, and I hope you feel really good about stealing that dollar from an author who probably is wondering whether it’s even worth trying to publish another book because it’ll only end up in the hands of pirates and their supporters.

Last night 25 of my books were discovered on a pirate site. Included in those titles were two books that were never published by a publisher. They are FREE reads stolen from my personal website - books already FREE!! Placed on my website for my readers to enjoy - not to STEAL!! Are we all supposed to pull our free reads now, too? This material is still copyright protected, and it's still THEFT to post it to another site!!

If you recognize yourself in this statement, maybe, just maybe you might want to consider supporting the authors for a change, not the pirates and thieves you’ve been consorting with so eagerly.

*The pirate flag is a graphic found at: and is copyrighted to them, not me.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Kayden McLeod covers for upcoming projects

The original idea with this cover was that it would grace a series of six-eight short stories with the common them of Western/Cowboys. I have no idea at this point if that will be its fate, or if it will become a novel called Love to the West, either way - Kayden has once again created magic:

THIS is the new cover for a duo of stories, one a re-issue of a title that got buried in my catalogue and was never really given much notice. I've written the second piece of the tale, and they will now be re-issued as one book:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New John Quinlan images

This is directly from Mr. Quinlan, a first reveal of the new images he is currently shooting. I don't know about anyone else, but this is "Power hot" in my book!! A story waiting to be told.... Can't wait to see more!!

John Quinlan

Sunday, April 7, 2013


All righty - ARe All Romance Books is having a great sale on some of my hottest and most popular titles: Click on The link that goes with any cover that looks good to you if you'd like to read more about each offer:

Currently only 99 cents after rebate:

Monday, April 1, 2013


Who are you?

Vision of wonder and beauty
Rich textures of timeless allure
I remember the first time
Your eyes trapped my soul
Claimed something you knew
was rightfully yours
Long before I understood

How many lifetimes ago?

The millennia span our knowledge
of each other
Has there ever been a time
when this wasn't so?

The Coliseum is quiet now
The madness and revelry continues
The streets echo with indulgences
My house is filled with hungers
Entwined bodies strain for ecstasy
That precious, elusive instant of perfect rapture
That moment I have never known

Darkness calls to my spirit
night air heavy with the scents of forbidden mysteries
Stars sparkle above me each diamond shard a
fragment of perfect light
in a black tapestry of eternal emptiness
This is the reflection of my heart
brilliant glitters of promise
smothered by a cloak of protective night
The heavens are my confidante
The observer of my loneliness

Music pierces the sounds
to which my ears have learned deafness
Soft lilting chords of enchantment
weave their way through my seclusion
The reverberation of seductive
finds its answer singing in my veins
Cold suddenly takes away the night's warmth
Fear wakes a tiny thrill of wonder
within my trembling body

Come to me
let me wake you to your destiny
Feel me
breathing within your soul
You were born belonging to me

I cannot listen to the satyr's song
I know you are out there
And I know you will take from me
things of which I have no understanding
the essence of loss that defines
my existence
You will become that existence
And I will be your willing slave

Answer me
let your heart guide you
to my bed
to my body
Worship as you were meant to
as consort to
your truest Master

The music
His voice made voiceless
I need to see this
musician of my Fate
My heartbeat is rapid
as I retrace the steps that led me
to the night
I do not recall inviting
any capable of creating this magick

Beneath the soft linen folds
of my gown
my body trembles
Sweat warms the curve of my spine
and the weight of material
pressing against my breasts
feels suffocating
My nipples ache
Hungry for a touch I have never wanted
Eager to meet the maker of this
siren-song to lust

I feel you
your awakening
You have not yet found me
among the hordes who
play at passion
and are deceived by delusion
Come closer
find me

Where are you?
The music of your lute
incites a fever
that leaves me dizzy and weak
My knees are shaky
steps unsure for the first time
This is my home you invade

And you are my home to invade
sweet angel of life
are my salvation
as I will be your downfall
Your descent into
the darkness of your desires

Help me!
Gods above
How can this creature be real?
Silver hair, long and soft
frames the most perfect face
I have ever witnessed
His eyes are bluer than the Mediterranean
His mouth curves upward
with the hint of mysterious knowledge
Promises hover there
oaths of passion and pain
Pale flesh, lean and sculpted
An artist's dream
His hands caress the strings of
the instrument cradled to his shoulder
Long fingers evoke the sounds
of witchcraft and temptation
The suggestions that will
stir the tempest within my
treacherous body

I feel your fear, sweet one
Your lust is a headier scent
tainted by confusion
taunted by breathless promise
Emerald eyes
glitter with crystalline tears
Drops of pain
that testify to your
Your need for completion
For my possession

The music has stopped
and he raises his head slowly
Sapphire eyes scan the room
and I feel his desire
rush through me
branding me his whore
long before I comprehend he's done so

What is this ache within me?
My limbs betray my excitement
Heat and chill rise and fall
My heart beats in rapid staccato
and I know he hears
He knows every thought
before I think it
Every shiver before it reaches
my shaken consciousness

has found me at last
My copper haired maiden
Virgin bride
of the night's god
to eternity

Her fear is almost as intoxicating as her want
This is my glory and my weakness
Her blood pulses with desires
Smouldering as only the true temptress can
She will demand my surrender

And I will grant you
your desires
Sate your hungers
as I teach you of things
you cannot now imagine
are mine
am yours

No words find their way to my lips
No greeting
however trite is allowed to break
this silence
This communion of ancient souls
He takes my hand
and I lean into him
My body seeks contact with this magician

His laughter
blends with the madness that rings in my ears
Somehow I know that this is not the place
Despite the oblivion around us
I lead him along darkened corridors
Heedless of the whispers
our passing incites

Lead me to your destruction
to the fulfillment of your
ultimate awakening
I can hardly bear this waiting
this teasing promise
Your soft curves tempt me
your innocence
sustains my passion
tames the beast
while inflaming me

Candles have been lit
The doors to my chamber shut quietly
and his hands now rest at my waist
hold me to him
His mouth on my neck is gentle
and the shudders his tongue arouse
make me cry out softly

I step away from him
and stare into the cool yet heated lust
that burns within indigo eyes
I don't know you
He smiles
and I hear his voice for the first time
a silken caress of erotic sensuality

You know me
just as you want me
breathing within you
moving within you
You want to devour me
submit to my ravenous hunger

The flowing robes he wears
pool around his feet
and he steps closer
His hands catch mine
pull me back to him
before he teaches them a new purpose
His flesh is cool
smoother than the finest marble
And finally
he allows me his taste
Full lips cover mine
his tongue probes and duels with mine
as the knot of my gown is loosened
Naked skin touches naked skin
and my arms cling to him

Guide me in this new world
Take my body and educate me to your needs
while you reorder my life

His mouth is a flame that sears
Softly suckles tender nipples
as his fingers seek
the heat that burns between my thighs
The room is a candlelit blur
my feet no longer touch the ground
Then the bed is beneath me
As I am trapped by his limbs
Entwined in a prison
I willingly entered

Your life is about to begin
as you die in my arms
Your blood will burn in my veins
as your spirit finds freedom
and your soul remains
forever bound to me
Your warmth is
the heaven I have waited for
Your body the prize
which rewards my patient search

I'm afraid
as I lie here entangled in his arms
my legs yielding to his weight
opening me to his urgent need
His voice soothes
promises ecstasy with such assurance
I believe him

There is something forbidden
in this lusting rapture
this savage joining we engage in
He is not fierce or demanding
without care for my ignorance
But he will not be denied
His invasion is careful
but pain arcs through me
and I feel the faint warmth of blood
trickling from me
as he fills me with his being

I have tried to be gentle
Your love is shadowed by fright
and that too is thrilling
You are afraid of my lust
even as you revel in the power
you do not yet know you possess
Your body knows me
as your mind cannot

Screams rise in my throat
he silences me with his kiss
and I feel the true depth of his passion
His desire touches my mind
as his body demands that I allow his

What is this madness
that builds inside me?
Pain is a distant memory
the only reality I know is him
The only truth I know
is that I am his
It matters not at all
I am simply his

Sharp breathless agony
pierces my throat
and I bleed again in his arms
He takes my life from me
and returns it a thousand times
as the darkness brushes
at the fringes of my awareness

Accept my life as yours
be reborn in my image
You are these
and so much more
But you are mine
never doubt that truth
nor my selfishness
There will be no others
Not for you

I am Immortal Passion

Vision of wonder and beauty
Rich textures of timeless allure
I remember the first time
Your eyes trapped my soul
Claimed something you knew
was rightfully yours
Long before I understood

When, Beloved?

It began many lifetimes ago
The millennia span our knowledge
of each other
There has never been a time
when this wasn't so


© Denysé Bridger