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Meet @PrimulaBond today #RomFantasy

The Silver Chain is the first in Primula Bond's new Unbreakable Trilogy published by Avon Books at Harper Collins. It is available on ebook now and in paperback and is a must read for anyone who likes their erotica intelligent, romantic, intense, sumptuous, sexy, daring yet real, and set in glittering locations. 

Blurb of The Silver Chain:

'Being needed by someone is different from having power over them, and far more alluring, and I'm a fool for not recognising that. I'm a fool for not recognising you.'

Twin souls colliding? Or was Gustav waiting for her?

Young photographer Serena Folkes believes she's struck gold when the tycoon Gustav Levi offers to showcase her debut exhibition. But there are strings attached. Serena must move into Gustav's London town house and agree to pleasure him in any way he chooses. Patron and protegee, they are bound by the silver chain that symbolises this contract until the last photograph is sold.
             As her work sells and Gustav's demands increase, Serena surprises them both with her feisty character and eager participation. It's not such a tough ask. Gustav is exotic and intriguing. She is hungry and willing to learn. Gradually she learns what demons have driven him to strike bargains rather than to trust.  And when Gustav discovers that Serena's abusive past has almost destroyed her ability to love, he realises they are not so different after all.
             Can they plan a future together, or will a single act of betrayal return to haunt them?

Author Bio:

Primula Bond is an Oxford educated mother of three boys, part time clerk for defence solicitors and part time features writer. She has written numerous erotic novels, solo collections and short stories for Virgin Books, Mischief Books, and Xcite Books. Her recent novel The Silver Chain is the first in her Unbreakable Trilogy and published by Avon Books UK at Harper Collins.  Primula also writes critiques for Writers Workshop. She may look respectable, but she harbours a secret desire to be a cougar MILF.  

You can find her blog  at , on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter @primulabond.

'I really loved the book - it was different - but good different.. I can't wait for book 2 - the cliffhanger really left me hanging! I want to know what happens with Serena and Gustav!'  B J's Book Blog

'I really loved it. Primula Bond knows how to write interesting, engaging and fascinating relationships.' Northern Lass

'I felt the story was quite well written and it took me a day to read as I romped through it and didn't want to put it down.'  Goodreads.

You can buy The Silver Chain at Tesco, Smiths and Morrisons, or at Amazon

1.       How long have you been writing?

I've been writing all my life since I was a little girl dreaming of being a princess. I wrote a romantic novel in an exercise book when I was eight, complete with hilarious illustrations, but one of my sisters read it out loud around the dinner table one evening, reducing my family to hysterics, which looking back on it could have killed my inspiration for good. In fact, it made me even more determined to show them, and I think I now have! Later, as a single mother, I started writing freelance articles about single parenthood, having a baby alone, and other 'personal interest' stories which seemed to hit the spot for womens' pages.

2.     How long have you been a published author?

My first erotic short story was published in 1994 as described in the blog post that follows this interview. It was written during a lunch hour when I was working for a solicitors' firm in Hampshire and the boss, in true romantic fashion, later became my husband! After writing for Forum and For Women magazines, I started having short stories published in Black Lace anthologies, which led to my erotic novels.

3.      What titles do you have available?

The Black Lace titles are Country Pleasures, Club Creme and Behind the Curtain. Xcite Books have published a solo author collection of short stories called 'Random Acts of Lust', and Mischief have 'Sisters in Sin' as an ebook novella.

4.     What made you choose the subject of this book?

I made some people laugh the other day in a workshop I was giving, by telling them that my heroine, Serena, is a feistier, prettier version of how I was when I was younger. I do some freelance portrait photography and greetings cards as a side line, and am fascinated when I get someone in my viewfinder and can study them. Serena is a photographer and an observer of people. A voyeur, so linking photography with a sexy theme. But she needs a patron to fund and launch her career, which is where Gustav comes in.

5.      Do you have any new titles coming soon?

The Golden Locket is part two of the Unbreakable Trilogy, and carries on from the cliffhanger left at the end of The Silver Chain. It comes out as an ebook on 21st November and paperback 19th December. I have moved the action from London to New York and Venice, mainly because I love travelling and it's a great excuse to revisit in my mind the amazing cities I have visited.

6.     What is your favourite genre and why?

I love the 'new' genre of erotic romance because it has taken general erotica and by making it 'respectable' I think it has been elevated to a higher standard and ideal, allowing us writers to use our own personal style of language and characterisation to create intense relationships – obviously with lots of sex and kink thrown in!

My first love is short story writing, though, and I have published a collection on Amazon called 'Stabbing the Rain'.

7.      What, to you, is the most exciting part of the writing process?

I would like to say it's starting the first line of the first chapter of a new book, but actually that moment is like pulling teeth for me and I'll do anything to avoid it – making coffee, watching telly, finding urgent reasons to leave the house and go shopping... Finishing the first draft of a new book, however rough around the edges, is a good moment, because you've given birth to the book then, and now you go back and polish and perfect it, which is much easier once the groundwork is done. But surely most writers would say the most exciting of all is when you hold that paperback in your hand.

8.     If you could co-author a book with anyone, who would you choose and why?

Jonathan Safran Foer, who wrote 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' a strange book about the aftermath of 9/11 for one boy, which made me cry. The Americans have a kind of muscular way of writing, yet this was so whimsical as well and set in New  York, my spiritual home! Our joint imaginations could set the world alight, I reckon! 

9.     Where can readers find you on the web?

Do please join me at my blog which is a pretty whimsical  place to be, talking about life and writing, and how to combine the two.

A little bit more blogging about me

My husband dines out on the fact that my first successful story, Man in a Cage, was written when I should have been typing his letters.  He was my boss at the time, and about to marry someone else. I was a single mum who let him, briefly, get away.
             I took out my frustration by bashing out this story one lunch time about a lonely singleton whose naked, helpless but hunky ex is delivered as a birthday present. In a cage. For Women magazine paid me £150 for what amounted to an hour's escapism, and so it all began.
             Since then I've published three erotic novels and numerous short stories for Black Lace, a solo collection of short stories Random Acts of Lust, the novella Out of Focus and short stories for Accent Press, and as well as Sisters in Sin the first of my 'Unbreakable' trilogy, The Silver Chain is an e-book published by Avon Books from 4th July 2013.
             It all boils down to sex.  Simples, you might think, but as Oscar Wilde said about truth, sex is rarely pure and never simple. I write about sex between consenting and adventurous adults, husbands and wives, stepmothers and stepsons, lesbians, and my particular favourite, the MILF or cougar at her most controversial.   It's graphic, strong, sometimes dark, sometimes humourous, but always sensitive. I build up relationships and responses within the kind of colourful and exotic settings where I wish I could spend my days. My characters are gorgeous, but not inaccessible, and I use scent, clothes, food and wine to heighten the atmosphere.
             What is great fun is finding erotic potential in the most mundane places – a suburban street, an office, a shop - or an unexpected moment, such as an awkward family gathering, a new wife meeting her stepson for the first time, or a PTA meeting. The challenge is exploring it subtly; a comely landlady, for instance, inflaming her lodgers with her full English, or a convent girl falling for one of the nuns..
             I've lived a little, sure, but I also mine my travels, my work, my encounters, but mostly my over-fecund imagination.  Have I been in a threesome, or been whipped by a mask-wearing dominatrix?  Read my stories and be convinced, for any erotic writer worth their bondage gear can, take you right into the heart of a story and keep you there.

Thanks so much for being my guest today, Primula.

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Lovers - Anais Nin

Why am I posting this, you ask? Well, honestly, I stumbled across it this morning, and read it over and over... something about it appeals to me... So I thought I'd share.

I do not want to be the leader. I refuse to be the leader. I want to live darkly and richly in my femaleness. I want a man lying over me, always over me. His will, his pleasure, his desire, his life, his work, his sexuality the touchstone, the command, my pivot. I don’t mind working, holding my ground intellectually, artistically; but as a woman, oh, God, as a woman I want to be dominated. I don’t mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding.

- Anais Nin

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Blocked Again! @DenyseBridger

Facebook has me Blocked Again!

Once again my personal profile on Facebook has been blocked. This time for seven days, which in some respects is a better deal than the summary deactivations that used to be the result of unsubstantiated reports from disgruntled idiots. Today’s infraction was reported by a man who saw, and I quote: “A naked man–where is censorship?” The naked man he is referring to is a young model whose picture was posted to my fan page today… the most “suggestive” thing about the image was the curve of his ass showed. (I wonder how offended he would have been if this had been a nubile young woman stretched out on a table? I'm guessing that would have been very acceptable to him.)

I have a very popular page on Facebook, my Romance and Fantasy page often receives as high as 15K visitors in the run of a single week. Not dazzling numbers, but not too bad for a nobody author. The bulk of the visitors I interact with are women, and the page is set to be visible ONLY to those over 21 years of age. It’s been over a year since I did that, and the reports stopped. Today, I posted the model lying on a table, head turned to the camera. It began getting a lot of “shares” from the visitors who come to the page almost daily. TWO of those shares resulted in complaints I saw–one from the woman who said she didn’t want pictures like that on her newsfeed. (She should count herself lucky if this is the worst thing she sees, as most of us know.) The second was from the gentleman who wanted me censored. Apparently he saw fit to do just that.

My fan page is administered by four people, each of the four admins was locked out of their personal accounts until they answered the question “Do you want to unpublish your page until you have a chance to CLEAN UP your account?” Clean up the page, as if it was infested with pornography. I was the one who posted the image, and my co-admins have not had their accounts blocked, only me.

What pisses me off about this is the number of times I have seen genuinely disturbing and sexually explicit images on my own newsfeed–images that have been shared sometimes thousands of times, and have thousands upon thousands of likes. It takes time for any picture to made the rounds to that extent. Yet, a young male lying on his stomach is considered pornographic and in violation of standards. I’ve come to the conclusion that a great deal of the slant on this is if a popular page is reported, you get nailed a whole lot quicker.

For those of you out there who use Facebook and have no idea how to edit the content of your newsfeeds–learn! Please. You can remove any content from that home page that you personally find offensive for whatever reason, without reporting the individual who posted it. That person is often a stranger to you, but one of your friends chose to share something from a public page. You CAN turn off the ticker so every move your friends make is not visible to you. Of course those of you who are lurking and watching for something to jump on, that might mean you miss something, right?

For the next 7 days none of my shared media posts will be allowed to post to the over 10,000 people in my group and on my pages. None of my Twitter feed will be visible, nor my blog postings. All because a couple of people objected to this:

Yes, that is the offending image, and I’m sure you’re all shocked and appalled. The first time my account was shut down I was told using this image as a profile picture was deemed offensive and against the Terms of Service.

Apparently the graphic and explicit image of two naked men having intercourse that was shared 22,000 times wasn’t in violation, but this couple was–who knew?

See y’all in a week or so!!

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In the Spotlight at The Vampire Realm @DenyseBridger

Today begins a month long Spotlight over at The Vampire Realm. This chat is called Night Songs, and as you'd expect, it's about my approach to writing paranormal romance starring vampires!! ;)  So, if you have time, please do stop by!!

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The Angel of Death

             “The first thing you have to do is figure what it is that’s gonna bait the trap for you,” Careena told her friend with a knowing smile.
             “No,” Renni disagreed with a laugh.  “The first thing you do is decide if there’s anything worth the effort!”
             Careena shared the laughter for a few moments then turned her critical eye to the people scattered about the room.  For a supposedly up-beat bar, this was as boring a place as any she’d been in during the past year.  There didn’t appear to be anyone worth talking to, let alone worth a calculated seduction.
             “I see what you mean,” she finally conceded.  “Still, there’s an hour or so left before we have to call it a night.”
             “Ever the optimist,” Renni sighed in mock despair.
             “Call it a gift,” Careena smirked, then caught the bartender’s attention for a refill.


             “What do you think?”
             “I think you’ve already made up your mind.”
             His smile was coolly amused, and he acquiesced with a slight nod of his fair head.
             “Do you want me to bring them to you?”
             “Which one of them do you find appealing?”
             “The blonde.”
             He laughed, the soft rich sound a ripple of restrained hunger that created a visible shudder in his companion.
             “Your taste is impeccable once again.”
             She turned glittering eyes to his and reached across the small table to trace the generous curve of his bottom lip with a scarlet tipped finger.
             “My taste is whatever you wish it to be.”
             Again, a brief nod was the only answer her wordless submission elicited.


             “Bastard!” she hissed as she strode up to the bar and glared theatrically at her departing lover.  His step didn’t falter or slow and she spun on her heel so she wouldn’t see his exit.
             Careena started noticeably when the piercing emerald eyes snared her with a look of barely controlled wrath.
             “No,” she answered shortly.  “Just the end of an otherwise perfect romance.”
             “He’s gorgeous!” Renni murmured, her look firmly fixed on the tall man who was just stepping through the doorway.  She was sincerely disappointed not to have met him before he left.
             Careena heard the soft utterance, and she tried not to smile too openly.  The brunette with the sharp green eyes merely raised one perfectly defined eyebrow and smiled a smile that was vaguely disturbing.  There was something eerily predatory in the sudden warmth that emanated from the stranger.
             “He’s a superb lover too,” she commented and grinned broadly at the sheepish expression that stole across the girl’s features.  “Would you like to meet him?”
             Renni’s eyes brightened and she completely ignored Careena’s frown of disapproval.
             “I’d love to,” Renni’s voice was breathless and eager.
             “Then by all means, go introduce yourself.  His car is the silver Ferrari parked in the Reserved lot.”
             Renni met the veiled challenge in the other woman’s eyes with a shiver of unease.  Something about her...
             “We were just getting ready to leave, actually.  Maybe another night?” Careena suggested with what she hoped was the right amount of apology.
             “Then I will walk with you,” the brunette offered.  “If he hasn’t disappeared, you can both meet him.”
             Careena felt a breath of ice kiss the back of her neck.  She shivered and glared at Renni, who was oblivious to her irritation as she grinned at the smiling stranger.
             “What’s his name?”
             The emerald eyes grew dazed, the curve of her mouth softened, and her voice when she answered them was a sensual whisper.
            “The Angel of Death.”

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

11th Day 9th Month - 12 years Later...

Twelve years ago today, this world froze for moments forever suspended in time. For some there was triumph, perhaps even satisfaction. For most, there was horror of a magnitude seldom seen or felt. Thousands of lives were lost in heartbeats of time while the world watched, helpless and struggling to cope with what they were witnessing.

As with all tragic and life-altering experiences, the imprint of those hours is branded on the hearts of all who were touched by what happened on September 11th, 2001. From all over this vast planet came prayers for the fallen, their loved ones, and those whose courage defines what is best in the human race. We honour those who fought to save lives, for those who sacrificed and paid the highest price of all to fight for peace in the years that have followed.

Each person will carry their own scars, be stained by grief, and uplifted by restored hope–all emotional realities forged in the pain of those first hours after the twin towers overlooking New York City fell in flames. While we grieve for the lost, pray for those who remain, and seek understanding, never lose sight of hope. In the darkest recesses of the human soul, hope must exist and breathe, or we have all lived, and died, for nothing–and that would dishonour every life that was taken too soon, or given to defend what is good in this world of ours.

May God’s blessings touch the hearts of all who walk in faith, in hope, and seek the light of understanding. May His Grace be such that we can one day breathe free again, without fear. Remember those who fell, and those who remain, always.

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Halloween Giveaway Hop!! @DenyseBridger

Get ready for a little naughty fun!

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