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.@Shades_of_Rose Media presents: Forbidden Love #blogtour #bookblast

Genre: Erotic Romance

What happens when you meet your destiny but you both belong to someone else?

Carmelita Heaton married her high school sweetheart. The first few years of marriage were bliss. As her husband climbed the corporate ladder and began to travel for his job, they slowly grew apart.

Before long, their marriage was reduced to seeing each other a few times a month in passing, leaving no emotional connection. In the midst of all this, Carm needed to find a new job because the doctor she worked for was retiring. Her life starts to spin out of control when she begins her new job as an RN for an OB/GYN.

Doctor Dylan Gates’ professional life needed to run smoothly since his personal life was falling apart. His wife Lydia suffered a nervous breakdown a few years prior, after she lost her twin sister. Doctor Gates threw himself into his work. He’s a man set in his ways, but when his long time nurse moved out of town; he’s forced to hire someone new.

Dylan and Carm’s instant attraction leaves them both struggling to do the right thing. How long can they fight to stay away from their destiny?

Content warning: adult language and adult sexual situations, graphic sexual content, anal play.

This book contains an extra-marital affair so if that’s not your thing then I would advise you not to read this story


I got out of my car and looked around, making sure no one noticed me, and slipped into the building. When I reached the condo, I pulled out my keys to unlock the door. I was stunned to hear music coming from the bedroom. Was he early? On our bedroom door, I found a note.

My Sweet Carmelita,

Happy six months, darling. I won't be long, make yourself comfortable and I will be by your side soon. I love you.


I slowly opened the door and was blown away by what I found. My eyes scanned the room trying to take it all in. There was champagne chilling, romantic music playing, and candles aglow everywhere. It took my breath away and my heart melted. If it was possible, I fell deeper in love with Dylan.

I went over to the closet to find something sexy to wear. I found one of his shirts, picked it up and brought it to my nose, inhaling his scent of cedar and musk. I shed my clothes, then slipped the shirt on. I wrapped my arms around myself and took a deep breath. I couldn't believe we had been together for six months.

I grabbed a glass of champagne, walked over to bed, and made myself comfortable. I thought back over the last six months with Dylan and how he had changed me. He brought me out of my self-imposed shell. I felt beautiful, adored and sexy again. He made me laugh and challenge myself, but most of all I knew he loved me.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't hear him come in. I looked up and there he was, my white knight, leaning in the entry way, staring at me.

"Dylan," I screeched while sitting up. “You scared the hell out of me.”

"I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to startle you. I just wanted to watch you. You take my breath away; you're so sexy and beautiful,” he said in a deep, husky voice as he walked towards me. Before I knew it, his warm, wet lips were on mine, kissing me passionately until I was flat on my back.

"I need you so bad, baby. You're so sexy in my shirt, but it has to go.”

"I need you too. Take me...please!"

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What readers are saying about Forbidden Love...

"If you are looking for a story that will make you feel hope for love and a happily ever after, Forbidden Love is a must read. Ms. Soana's characters will leave you breathless."

"This was a fast read that flowed smoothly and kept me intrigued."

"I loved this book... I recommend to all my friends, a must read."

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About the Author:

Tamaria Soana is middle-aged but feels like her life has just begun. She writes contemporary romance stories with a high heat level that always end with a ‘happily ever after’. Growing up, she loved to read and make up new places in her head to escape to. In her late teens she began writing short stories and poetry. It wasn’t until her late thirties before she began to spin a full story.

She’s married and a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful young girls. They reside in Western New York. Cuddling up with a good book under an electric throw is her way to escape the cold Buffalo nights.

Besides writing, she co-owns Shades of Rose Media and produces book trailers. Five of her book trailers have been featured on the USA Today’s Happy Ever After site.

Author Links:    Site    Facebook   Twitter  YouTube   


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On sale for a week only - Heart of Stone #RB4U #MFRWauthor #kindle

Heart of Stone
(Military romance / erotic)
Novella – 17,500 words

Randall Stone is the stuff of heroes, a mercenary given a dishonorable discharge from the army he has served with his life. Refusal to obey orders in favor of saving a team member’s life put a premature end to Stone’s illustrious career. But, the government is still interested in using the skills they've taught Major Rand Stone, and he continues to work as a freelance trouble shooter with his hand-picked team.

A playboy who enjoys women and his freedom, Stone shocks everyone when he falls in love with an unlikely woman. When an old enemy surfaces from Stone’s past, taking the one thing Randall will not lose, a deadly hunt begins. Robin Bourne is declared dead, killed in a car crash while Stone was on a mission – but in his soul, he knows she’s alive, and the mission ahead of him now is intensely personal. Backed with his team, Stone relentlessly pursues the old friend who’s dared to go after him by taking the woman he loves...


Jennifer stopped at the door to Rand’s office, her stomach lurching with sickening intensity when she spotted what held his attention so completely. Sighing, she shook off the sense of loss and went into the shadowy room.

“How many times are you going to watch that?”

Rand’s eyes flashed with annoyance when he turned to look at her. For several moments, he made no other indication of having heard her. Then he turned, hit the pause button on the DVD player to mute the sound, and leaned back in his chair. He tossed the remote onto a pile of paperwork.

“I thought you were going to Paris,” he commented.

“I am. This is where you can reach me.”

The shrug he gave her in response was not reassuring. Genuinely concerned, she dropped the slip of paper on the nearest stack of work, then perched on the edge of his desk and looked closer at him.

“When was the last time you slept without dreaming about her, Rand?”

“The day we buried her. Since then, it’s been constant.”

“Let her go,” she whispered. “This isn’t what Robin would want for you. She loved you too much.”

“This proves she’s not dead.”

His certainty created a flicker of exasperation in her. “That doesn’t prove a damn thing, Rand. We haven’t been able to verify the disc’s dating. There were no fingerprints. No trace of anything that could tell us where it came from.” She paused. “It might not even be Robin.”

Even she heard the lack of conviction in her last words, and Rand laughed.

“You don’t believe for a minute that I can’t recognize any part of her, Jennifer,” he said, his voice quiet. “Her face might not be in the picture, but I know it’s her.”

Jennifer knew he was right. She just didn’t like what that correctness meant.

“He likes to touch, but not to inflict pain,” Rand mused, turning the recording on again.

The comment took Jennifer back to a mission she would have preferred not to remember. Rand had once served with a man named Jason MacIntyre. He was, like Randall, a highly trained soldier, and had once been as tied to Donald Brookman as Stone and their team were. MacIntyre had gone rogue a couple of years back, and when Brookman had given Rand the nasty assignment of bringing him in, the entire mission had proven a mistake. Mac had planned a detailed trap, and they’d fallen into it. Most of the team had been captured and used to bait Stone.

Rand had once owed the man his life. Despite the bad blood between them, Rand had shown Mac a mercy that would never have been accorded him had their situations been reversed. He made the difficult decision to let Mac disappear rather than let him face the wrath of both the government and the military. It had been one of the few times she’d ever see Donald Brookman genuinely furious with Stone, and it was not a pleasant memory. No more than the recollection of Mac’s slimy come-ons to her during her time as his prisoner. Her mind pulled forth the memory, almost against her will…

“…Some people like to do things to their captives… painful things… I like to touch… to inflict pleasure…” he murmured, leaning in to her.

Jennifer repressed her flinch and met his eyes with a cool composure that she’d spent years acquiring.

“Do you sleep with Stone?”

She smiled. This was pretty much the conversation she’d been expecting. She let the pause lengthen, chose her moment for effect. “You’re not prepared to believe me if I say yes or no, so why bother?”

“Because maybe I will believe you, if you give me the right answer, of course.”

“Of course. But there is no right answer.”

The words tumbled back into the forefront of Jennifer’s mind, freezing her blood in her veins as she considered what they might have overlooked in Robin’s case.


It took a moment for his concentration to refocus, and he straightened in his chair when he saw the intensity of her gaze.

“Do you know where Jason MacIntyre is?”

Startled, Rand shifted until his elbows were on the desktop, and he was looking directly at her.


“It’s possible…just possible, that he’s the one in this recording.”

“Why, Jenn?” Rand snapped at her. “What haven’t you told me before?”

“Something you said, about liking to touch,” she answered warily. “He used those words when he had us in his camp. He likes to touch, but not to inflict pain. He gets a kick out of humiliating women, and he does it by making his victim feel good then watching her twist herself into knots because it did feel good.” She paused. “I know because he did it to me, Rand.”

Rand shook his head, uncertain of precisely what he was attempting to deny. Part of him was rejecting the possibility that the woman he loved was in MacIntyre’s hands. Yet the more rational part of his mind sensed it could be true.

He reached for the phone, but the gesture was aborted when the man he intended to call walked into the office.

“I’m glad you’re still here, Jennifer,” Donald Brookman noted with a nod. “I’m afraid your plans for Paris are going to have to wait.”

Rand’s frown deepened, and after Brookman took a closer look at him, his gaze moved to the image frozen on the big screen television that was usually concealed behind a wall. He sighed.

“She’s dead, Rand,” he said quietly. “Let it go.”

“Let it go?” Rand repeated, voice icy with contained fury. “I will not ‘let it go,’ Brookman. She’s alive, and I intend to find her!”

“We’ve been through this already,” Donald began, only to be stopped by the sheer force of Stone’s anger when the younger man rose and glared at him.

“Whatever you came for is going to have to wait.”

Brookman looked to Jennifer, and he must have read something in her expression because he turned back to Rand and studied him intently. “What’s happened?”

“We may have a lead on what really happened to Robin,” Jennifer said, her voice soft, caution in her look and tone.

Rand didn’t so much as look at her; his eyes were still locked in silent combat with Brookman.

“Robin is dead,” Donald said.

Brookman’s decree was met with stony silence, and tension poured into the room, enshrouding the three people present.

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Cursed Awakening: Wolf Legends book one @nikkitrueblue #RomFantasy

Wolf Legends: Book One
Cursed Awakening
by Nikki Noffsinger


Nyx Wahpeton is a wolf shifter and takes protecting the local reservation very seriously. Finding a date, let alone a mate, is not high on his long list of priorities. However, when he has a chance encounter with a young woman, and she’s all he can think about.

Ivy Morgan has finally gotten her new start on life and she’s not looking back. After barely surviving life in a cult, she has finally regained her independence. Ghosts from her past lurk in the shadows and the nightmares still haven’t ended, but each new day is a promise. Romance is not even a blip on her radar until she meets a local young man that is wildly handsome and dead sexy, but can Ivy trust Nyx with her past and with her secrets? Can Nyx trust Ivy with the one secret that could put every one he loves in danger? Evil and betrayal are lurking in the shadows waiting and their new found awakened passion will be put to the test.


She had always been hell bent on self-expression. Her canvas just seemed to be her body right now. Lahni played bass guitar for a band called, The PMS Avengers. They made a CD and even though all the family had pitched theirs, he kept his in his truck. He just didn’t listen to it very often. It was hard enough telling other guys the band’s name, but the first song on the CD was called “Bite it off” and that right there was self-explanatory. Tonight though, he was putting the CD on the playlist …even if it was just to torment Ari and Karma. He laughed as he walked to his truck where two impatient imps were waiting.

“Nyx, how can you stand to put up with me like this? I’m a total head case.” Ivy whispered.

Nyx smiled, “That’s okay, and we’re all some sort of head case. I mean didn’t you see my brothers? Ivy, I love you and I’m going to keep on loving you even if you sprout horns or run around the house in all your naked glory reciting the Gettysburg Address.”

Ivy laughed and it warmed Nyx that she was once again relaxing. “I think I would look ridiculous with horns not to mention running around your house naked.”

Nyx’s eyes flashed, “Oh, I’m totally on board with the idea of you going anywhere naked just as long as you take me with you!”

Ivy just stared at him with a grin on her face and blush on her cheeks. She snuggled into his chest and yawned. She could feel his hands stroking her back as he began to hum something. It was really pretty. She looked up with sleepy eyes, “What is that?”

He smiled, “It’s a lullaby that my mother used to sing to me and the rest of us when we were small.”

Ivy smiled and snuggled back down as he started to hum again. When he could feel her sleeping soundly in his arms, he shifted her just slightly so he could lie down beside her to catch some z’s himself. He kept his arms around her so she could feel safe and protected, but it was for him too. He needed to feel her; to know she was right there. When she had run off, he felt as if his heart was leaving his chest. His father had once told him and his brothers that no one could live without their heart, and that was what a true mate was. Ivy was his heart; his true mate.

Available at these retailers:

COMING SOON: the much anticipated return to Wolf Legends:

Savage Dawn

Lahni is her family’s wild child. Since she was 18 she’s been making her own way and playing guitar for rock metal band. She loves the open road and music but when Lahni goes home to help her family, she has no time for the proud clan chieftain of the Whispering Waters; Shiloh Red Cloud. He broke her heart long ago and she’s not giving him a second chance at it.

Shiloh Red Cloud is a fierce warrior and he shoulders his entire clan on his shoulders. Now that an ancient evil has been defeated, he’s ready to claim his reluctant mate; Lahni Wahpeton. They have a past and he knows he’s hurt her but that is not going to stop him from winning her heart, if only she’d just stop running from him.

Passions collide and a centuries old vendetta reveals itself. Can Lahni be able to let her walls around her heart down? Will Shiloh be able to heal the heart he once broke? The will wage more than just a battle to reclaim their love; they will have to battle another evil as the sun breaks the horizon bringing forth a Savage Dawn.


Shiloh grabbed the guitar case before she could maneuver it to hit him, and tossed it into the back of his pick-up truck. He then set her back on her feet but turned her while still keeping hold of her. If looks could kill, he’d already be skinned and his head mounted on her wall. Determination set into his jaw.

“You’re coming with me and that’s final. Fight or better yet, run Lahni because when I catch you, and I will catch you, it will make it sweeter, but either way you’re coming with me.”

Lahni was tempted to shift and give him a run for his money but there was too much open ground and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to out run him. She could scream for help, but she wouldn’t risk Sully being hurt or anyone else. Besides, those were coward things and she damn sure was no coward. Lahni glared up at Shiloh.

“I.HATE.YOU.” she snarled through clenched teeth.

He leaned into her face, “Good, right now I’m not too thrilled with you either.” He pulled her over to the truck door and opened it. She leapt up into the seat crossing her arms over her huffing chest looking straight out of the windshield. When she got home, there was going to be hell to pay.


They had driven in silence. Shiloh had slowed the truck down to let Cinjin go on ahead. Lahni refused to look at him.

“Lahni, we need to talk.” His voice was tense but he tried to keep his tone soft.

She looked out the window, “I have nothing to say to you.”

“Fine. I’ll talk.” He started to open his mouth again, but she turned on the radio, and turned it up loud.

He growled as he shut it off. When he started to speak again, she pulled out an iPod and placed the buds in her ears. He pulled the truck over and pulled them out of her ears and grabbed the iPod and clutched it in his hand so he wouldn’t throw it out the window.

“Give me that back. I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.”

Shiloh smirked, “You’re going to listen to me if we have to sit her all night.”

Lahni flexed her hand and looked at her nails, “Fine. Speak.”

“Lahni, this has gone on for far too long. You’re my mate and I won’t allow you to keep running circles around me.”

She turned to him and covered her mouth with a faked emotion, “Oh Shiloh, yes darling, I’ve been waiting all these years just to hear those words fall out of your mouth. My life has meaning now! I bet we can finally cure cancer since you’ve finally decided that I’m your mate.”

She “tsk’d” him, “Gimme a break. You are delusional if you think for a moment that I would tie myself to someone like you.” Her disgust was palatable.

He grabbed the back of her head, and bared his canines at her, “You’re mine Lahni, whether you want to admit it or not. We were tied to one another long ago.”

Lahni jerked out of his hold, “I belong to no one but myself and my family. We were children long ago. Get a life and get a new dream.”

Those mercury gold eyes burned a hole into her all the way to her soul. He had broken her once, and she wasn’t going back for seconds.

“Shiloh, this is the 21st Century and Stepford was just a movie. You can’t just demand and declare shit of me. I won’t be anyone’s prize, especially by force.”

Shiloh heard the venom she spat, and sure she was pissed off but there was a sadness and longing in those bi-colored eyes of hers. He wanted to take her into his arms and soothe her and mend the heart of the only woman he’d ever loved in his entire life. Shiloh knew though if he eased up now, she’d only run again and he’d go insane chasing her down.

To learn more about Nikki and connect with her socially, visit her website HERE

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* @Shades_of_Rose presents Crashing Into Love #bookblast

Genre: Romance

Crash and Burn is a novella in the Crashing Into Love book bundle.

Crash and Burn by Melissa Keir

Can Rob and Keira's second honeymoon lead to romance, or will it crash and burn?

On the verge of a divorce, Rob and Keira Matthews book a second honeymoon at the urging of their counselor. Unable to conceive, they've pushed each other away in an effort to protect their hearts. Will a romantic holiday be the ticket to love or a plane crash in disaster?


Once again alone with her thoughts, she turned toward her husband. They’d been married for seven years, and his looks still caused her stomach to flutter. I love running my fingers over his buzz cut. And his rough beard left sexy marks on my neck when we made love…not that it’s happened in a while. A part of the reason we’re on this trip is because of our lack of sex, tenderness. Of course, he’d have to be home in order to touch me.

Keira crossed her legs tighter as she glanced around the cabin. Her gaze fell to the cowboy two seats in front of her and across the aisle. That rancher is hot. His jeans really showed off his best assets when he walked back to the bathroom a while ago. His blue-striped shirt hugged his shoulders and guns. Those arms would hold a girl down or up and down all the while he loved on her. I bet if he and I were married, there’d be no need for counseling. She imagined running her fingers over his shoulders and down his arms. She uncrossed her legs and ran her hands down her jeans, shifting them.

Opening the water, Keira poured herself some. She picked up the glass and held it to her face, trying to cool her flushed skin, then drank. Emptying it, she set the glass back on the tray then poured a little water into the cup. She unzipped the top of her dog’s carrier and waved the water in front of Gris’s face. “Here, baby, you can have a little. Not too much. There’s no fire hydrants on the plane.”

As she watched her fur-baby drinking, her stomach clenched. What if this is the only baby I ever have? She ran her fingers over the teacup poodle’s fuzzed head.

~Watch the Trailer~

~Crashing Into Love~

Lost meets Romancing the Stone--action adventure, a dash of mystery, and romance to die for.

Seven planes lift off…seven planes crash…seven stories of struggle, passion and love in the barren Canadian Wilderness, the coast of England, or the steamy heat of a tropical island. Romance hangs in the balance between survival and death.

Brace for Impact by Daryl Devoré.
What could be simpler than a routine plane trip from Toronto, Canada to Caracas, Venezuela for rookie flight attendant, Lori, and sexy R.C.M.P. officer, Guy Lapierre? But Fate had other intentions.

Crashing into You by Lisa Kumar
When Ashlee Trent meets handsome businessman Kaiden West on a plane to Australia, he eases her fears even as he sets her heart ablaze. But after their plane crashes into the ocean and they wash ashore, will the secrets surrounding him send their budding relationship into a nosedive?

Crashing Through Time by Jenna Jaxon
The most dangerous thing about time travel is knowledge of the past: does she save him and change history, or let the tragic events play out and lose the love of her life?
More than hearts can be broken when you crash through time.

Love Comes Crashing In by Brenda Dyer
Best friends find love in each other's arms, but can that love survive reality?

Falling Hard by D'Ann Lindun
He craves solitude to forget what a woman did to him. She needs one last chance before her career ends. Can a plane crash in the Canadian Rockies show them what really matters?

A Splash of Romance by Deb Julienne
Who knew a plane crash would lead to romance? Hannah Parks is a trauma nurse on her way to a symposium at the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. She just started her bucket list and a plane crash definitely isn't on it. Oliver Lawson's divorce is final and he's looking to start over. A tropical island, a gorgeous woman. Romance is one thing, getting there as a result of a crash landing...who knew?

~About the Author~

For my wedding in Vegas, my books and computer came with me but there wasn't enough room for my wedding shoes. It’s all about priorities! As an avid reader, I was probably born with a book in hand. Luckily my mom was also an avid reader, so it was easy to "borrow" her books when my books were finished.

I was reading from an early age about dashing men on horseback riding to the rescue of strong willed and capable women who didn't really need rescuing. I came to expect that women in fairy tales should have fought their own battles. When I was older, I found Margaret Atwood and realized that women could re-tell history in their own way and I experimented with changing those basic fairy tales.

Fortunately for me, my husband allows me the opportunity to be myself (spend my salary on books) and still takes care of the really important things for me like killing spiders and opening jars. As an elementary teacher, teaching children about the many worlds inside of books is a gift that I’m lucky enough to do for a living. Teaching the next generation to love reading is a lot of fun! Reading the right book can make a new world come alive!

Currently living in the suburbs of Ann Arbor, Michigan with my darling husband, way-too-grown-up children and spoiled dogs, I enjoy getting away through a book to escape the harsh winters or summer road construction.

Author Links: Site  Facebook   Twitter


Melissa is giving away a $5.00 Amazon GC during here tour. For a chance to win please fill out the rafflecopter below.

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Affairs of the Heart presented by @Shades_of_Rose Media

Genre: Romance

Due to mature content, situations and language, this collection is recommended for audiences 18+. Heat levels range from sensual to scorching. All works in this box set have been professionally proofed by Paper Gold Publishing, unless this service was expressly refused by the author. Some stories are written in American, and some in British English. The authors have chosen to stay true to their heritage.

Includes a mix of already released and never-before seen stories, all complete works. Those books which are part of a series can be enjoyed fully without the need to read the complete series (though there is a chance you might develop story-addiction issues—for that, we apologize).

Dive into summer in good company. Affairs of the Heart gives you the chance to make 15 new sets of best friends. Just think about it: 15 hot boyfriends and girlfriends you can lust after, laugh with, or shed a tear for. If there is one thing this set is brimming with is intense emotion. We guarantee you won’t be able to simply walk away, stone-cold, from this collection.

Affairs of the Heart is a box set of 15 full-length Novels and Novellas.

~About the Authors~

Rene Folsom ~~~ Game Changer (Playing Games #1)
Lucy Gage ~~~ Time to Begin (Ward Sisters #5)
Sydney Aaliyah Michelle ~~~ Hope For Her
Felicia Tatum ~~~ Entangled Souls
Susan Griscom ~~~ Beautifully Wounded
Lynda Kaye Frazier ~~~ Leather Chaps and Broken Promises
Elaine May ~~~ Lies and Truth
Anne Conley ~~~ The Fixer Upper
Rachael Orman ~~~ Addict; Her Ride
Desiree A. Cox ~~~ Unselfish Love
Sarah M. Cradit ~~~ Surrender
Julie Elizabeth Powell ~~~ Misadventures of Fatwoman
H A Kay ~~~ Love Me Do
Ella Medler ~~~ Trial Run


The authors are giving away two $5.00 Amazon GC during the tour. For a chance to win please fill out the rafflecopter below.

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Free To Trust @Shades_of_Rose @CWNightly

Genre: Erotic Romance

Some pain is felt on the surface others are felt on the soul. Kate knows the sting of deception all too well. Though she bears no physical scars-her ability to trust has been shattered. When her work has her spending time with New York's most notorious bachelor she finds herself fighting her attraction- that is until he stops fighting fair. But Cole's high flying lifestyle has made him some powerful enemies. Enemies that want to extract revenge on the irreverent playboy where it hurts the most. Will Kate find the pleasure that eluded her until now only to have it ripped away? Or will she face her past and allow herself the chance to be Free To Trust?


“Cole! We can’t just do this here,” she complained.

He scooped her into his arms and carried her over to the curved wall below the staircase and set her back on her feet. Grabbing her wrists that still clung to the lapels of her robe, he raised them above her head. With the belt from her robe, he quickly bound her wrists to the railing and stepped back. Her robe hung open, framing her body for him as she squirmed against the silk binding her wrists.

“Shh, Angel. If you want me to stop all you have to do is say so, and I will, but believe me, it will be your loss.” She stopped fighting.

His finger traced her skin, following the line of the robe from her collarbone, tracing her curves. “There is only one rule to sex after consenting adults, Angel. It should be good.” The rest is open for constant renegotiation. The where, when, and how is up to us. Here and now sounds good to me.” Finger-combing her hair first, he then fisted his hand at her nape, tilting her mouth up to meet his and searching her eyes before running the tip of his tongue over her lips. “What do you say, Angel. Do you want to argue?” he whispered.
“No,” she breathed. Emphatically shaking her head, she stretched herself upwards towards his lips that he held just out of reach.His hands burrowed inside the thin garment seizing her rounded ass and licking the sensitive spot at the base of her throat. Rewarded by her guttural moan he redoubled his efforts, licking a trail down to her straining nipples and savoring each one in turn.

Buy Links:   Amazon US * Amazon UK  *  Amazon CA * Amazon AU

~About the Author~

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada I still call Montreal home. Surrounded by my husband, five children and my Siamese cat. I love reading, the smell of spring rain and walking in the first snowfalls of December when the snow is crunchy, especially at night.
I enjoy curling up with a book and losing myself in the characters. I turned that love towards writing to create stories I hope you love too.

I believe everyone is entitled to their own personal happily ever after :)

Author Links:   Site * Facebook * Twitter * Goodreads * Amazon Author Page


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New stock site: @mrsexybod1 #MFRWauthor #RB4U

Anyone who reads or writes books knows that your first point of selling is an eye-catching cover. In recent years, we've seen many, many covers that look virtually the same... So, it's time for a change, don't you think? How about this site? Expanding and growing daily, if you need a sexy hero who's literally tall, dark, and handsome, check out what is available at  You won't be disappointed!!

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New from @MiriamNewman and @DCLPublications - Invanine

Miriam Newman

He was her slave in one land, her lover in another.  When the king’s sister saves a rebel from a troubled province, her act of mercy changes her life forever.



When they made the long slow turn at the river, she caught a glimpse of the rear of the procession. Yes, there were the prisoners still, most of them somehow still walking though they were roped to horses that dragged them every inch of the way. The riders seemed careful not to kill them just yet, which suggested an even worse fate when they reached the city once more. Some sort of execution platform would have been erected in their absence—something that didn’t require too much time. Lucien would not give rebels the honor of a protracted lifespan, though he might draw out their deaths if it pleased him. She already knew it would please him.

That was why she maneuvered Cloud adroitly to come up beside him when they reached the square in Primecta. He nodded very slightly, signifying that she might join him.

“You do me credit, Sister,” he complimented her. “Most women shrink from flaying.”

It explained the relative lack of preparation. Little panoply was required to simply whip a man to death in the street.

“Oh, I shrink, Lucien,” she assured him, with a brilliant carmine smile for the onlookers. “But never in public. I only thought…”—she let her smile grow winsome, “…perhaps as an act of mercy you might give me one for a slave. You did not gift me for my birthday, after all.”

“The horse was your gift,” he said, shortly, but she could see the thought had engaged him. Crowds were fickle. There was no telling how the people would react to the first public execution in years, though his agents had been hard at work stirring up emotion against Parthia. His father had left him an untroubled kingdom. Now, under governance of the stick, there were rumors of dissent.

“Just one?” she wheedled. “I care not which.”

“Oh, all right,” he said, with an eye to the crowd. “You choose. If you let him escape, however, I will not forget it.”

Invanine surveyed the motley bunch, her heart beating strongly. Lucien did not have a forgiving nature. Was it worth risking his anger to save a life? Her slaves never tried to escape; they knew how good they had it. It would be a real headache containing one who did want to leave. And yet—this was neither war nor sport. It was slaughter. Her hunter’s heart rebelled against it.

There were several men, all gaunt and bearded, all young. Several had sunk to the ground, unable to stand, but the guard had not bothered to beat them for it. They were going to die momentarily, so why bother? A couple were spitting on their captors and those were beaten. Another stood apart showing no emotion—no capitulation, no defiance. He looked like the soul had already left his body. Invanine pointed to him with her quirt.

“That one.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Fantasy poetry driven by myths and legends has been Miriam’s passion for as long as she can remember.  She was published in poetry before catching the romance writing bug.  She brings that background to her writing along with a lifelong addiction to horses, an 18 year career in various areas of psychiatric social services and many trips to Ireland, where she nurtures her muse.  Her published works range from contemporary fantasy romance to fantasy historical, futuristic, science fiction and historical romance.  Currently she lives in rural Pennsylvania with a “motley crew” of rescue animals.